Laser or inkjet, which printer to choose

What are the main differences between inkjet and laser printers? Let's find out which printer is best suited to your printing needs.

The printers are divided into two big macro categories: laser printers and inkjet printers, the technologies are very different and you should choose carefully based on the use you will make of the printer, questioning you on two fundamental factors: how much and what you need to print.

For text-only files, black and white laser printers are ideal: they are very fast and the cost per page is generally lower than inkjet ones.
However, a laser printer costs an average of much more than an inkjet printer, and the same is true for toner, which is the consumable needed for printing.

Inkjet printers are much more flexible, because they can print black and white text, as well as color photographs, as well as a mix of these elements. The initial costs are low. In truth there are also inexpensive laser models, to which you must however generally add the cost of toner and are able to print only in black and white, and without any additional function.

Simply put, choose an inkjet printer if you print little and mixed documents, text and photos. Instead, choose a laser model if you print many pages of black and white text.