Certified mail

The Certified Electronic Mail (PEC) is the system that allows you to send e-mails with legal value equivalent to a registered letter with return receipt, as established by current legislation (Presidential Decree 11 February 2005 n.68).

What happens if an Ordinary Mailbox sends a message to a Pec box?

In the event that a non-certified sender sends an e-mail to an activated Mailbox, it will receive an error message for non-delivery (MAILER-DAEMON). The mail server will reject this message without notifying the recipient.

Digital signature

Digital Signature is the computer equivalent of a traditional handwritten signature affixed to paper and has the following characteristics:

- authenticity: the digital signature guarantees the identity of the subscriber

- integrity: the digital signature ensures that the document has not been changed after the subscription

- not repudiation: the digital signature gives full legal validity to the document, therefore the document can not be rejected by the subscriber

The Digital Signature Kit consists of:

- Secure signature generation device (Smart Card)

- Smart Card reader